Marketing Your Business With Video

Marketing Your Business With Video

The current trend in small business marketing communications is video. I’m sure that most of us can agree that we enjoy watching videos on our computers. We view videos for entertainment, learning new skills, and research. YouTube and Vimeo offer a plethora of videos about many topics. An example is my recently canceling my gym membership and watching TRX exercise videos to make sure I’m using proper form with my at-home exercises.

If you have a website you can place your video on your landing page explaining what you do and the benefits that you can provide to your customers. There are many platforms available for businesses to highlight their videos and create brand awareness. Social networks are ideal platforms for communicating and engaging prospective buyers. Get your customers’ attention by emailing a short video or a link.

There are different levels of production, the first being the advertising agency. These agencies will give you the most sophisticated and polished product with excellent results, but there is a high cost.

Some companies will produce a promotional video for under $2,000. Most of these companies are staffed by videographers, not Don Draper’s (Mad Men), who will need your guidance and input.

The easiest and most cost-efficient method is to use software that is available online. The cost of producing a video has become negligible, and the technology ranges from moderate to very easy depending on the software. The easiest way to create a marketing video is to use a template format that uses photos to tell your story and a VoiceOver.

One of the simplest editing tools to use is Animoto < https://animoto.com/business/promo-video >. Animoto will walk you through the production process starting with a storyboard template where you can create your big idea. You can upload your photos and video clips or select from their stock library. Edit the video and customize it to fit your organization’s identity. Viola, you have produced your video and are ready for distribution.

In my previous career, I taught marketing at a major university. One of the courses that I taught was Advertising. I am a firm believer in hands-on learning and my students were required to produce a promotional video for a local small business as their final project. I created an 88-page project manual to guide them through the process. If you would like a pdf copy of this manual send your request to nick@kbizbrokers.com.