The Democratization of Advertising

Photo by Tracy Le Blank, Pexels

The Democratization of Advertising

Advertising has been with us since ancient times. The advertisers posted their messages on walls and printed pieces of papyrus which were handouts. Examples of this can be viewed at Pompeii the city in Southern Italy destroyed by the explosion of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

In the middle ages signage with drawings was used to identify small businesses. The invention of the printing press was a leap forward for commercial advertising. Promotional marketing evolved into other forms of media such as broadcasting, billboards, high-volume print ads with large circulation periodicals which were all very expensive and not suited for small businesses.

In today’s marketplace technology has been the stimulant for entrepreneurs to bypass expensive ad agencies and national media. Now the independent business-person can create their local advertising on various platforms. The available platforms have made it relatively easy for start-ups, small and mid-level businesses to advertise.

SCORE recommends the following platforms.

In my previous article, I covered LinkedIn and Twitter which I recommended for B2B (business-to-business) marketers.

Facebook www.facebook.com

Unlike LinkedIn which is primarily a B2B marketing site, Facebook’s audience is the consumer. Once you establish your presence on this platform you will need to create a following. Posting display ads, offering limited-time discounts, and featuring new products will draw customers.

YouTube www.youtube.com

Videos are one of the best mediums to get your message to your customers. Both individuals and business buyers view videos. Most people prefer to watch an informative video rather than reading text.

Instagram www.intstagram.com

This is a photo-sharing site that appeals to a younger audience. You can create visual stories about your business, products, and services you offer.

Pick one platform that works well for your business before trying others. Develop a strategy, follow it through, and track results.  Most of the sites offer tools to help you streamline your site.

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