The Future of Business Computing is Microsoft 365

Recently, I’ve been perturbed by the different computer ecosystems that I own. I have an iMac (MOS), iPhone/iPad (IOS), ChromeBook (Android) and at work, we use Windows 7 & 10. Twelve years ago when I was in academia teaching marketing, I switched from a PC to a Mac which suited my needs at that time, and as the iPod, iPhone and iPad became popular the advantage was that all of my devices were compatible.

About three years ago I purchased a Chromebook because it was light easy to carry, inexpensive. This is a net-computer which stores all the files in the cloud. Another reason for acquiring this device was to learn more about cloud computing which is predicated by 2025 to store 80% of all business files.

Last fall, I joined Keystone Business Brokers which have Windows 7 & 10 in their offices, another non-compatible system which I’ve had to re-familiarize myself using.

Before I go further let me say that I love my Mac and mobile devices. The operating system is smooth, intuitive, and creative apps such as Photos, iMovie, GarageBand are perfect for creating marketing projects.

For business, I need compatibility for all devices and I found it with Microsoft 365. The six main programs that I’ll be using are Word, Excel. PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service with prices starting at $6.99 a month and higher depending on the additional services and apps added. MS 365 will allow me to collaborate online with my colleagues which is an essential feature during the “new normal.”

In summary, Microsoft has the most widely used line of office programs that can be accessed from any operating system. It allows individuals at different locations to work jointly on projects.



Surviving in the New Normal: Formulate a New Business Model

Surviving in the New Normal: Formulate a New Business Model

Small businesses are struggling to survive the current pandemic, many businesses have closed and will never reopen, others are on life-support. Trying to stay afloat during these times is only prolonging the inevitable which is insolvency. Business owners must become proactive, and take an analytical approach to reinvent their business to be competitive and Profitable.

We are in the fifth month of this pandemic and it appears that the crises are not abating, but escalating. It’s up to each business person to look into their company to implement a strategic plan to become solvent during these uncertain times.

The SWOT analysis is an acronym for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. The four categories are divided into two groups internal and external. This is a way of examining your company’s position in the marketplace.

Strengths, write a description of what traits your company has proficiency making them stand out against competitors.

Weaknesses, what are areas of your business that need improvement.

Opportunities, external circumstances offer an opening to advance the company’s position in the marketplace. Examples are new technology, new relationships, filling a void in the market.

Threats, the environmental factors that are out of your control, but you have to find solutions and deal with them.

After addressing the above categories the analyst should determine how to address these four elements and strategize a plan to move the organization forward.


                                            Sample SWOT Analysis



Strengths +

  • unique products
  • competitive pricing
  • qualified staff

Weaknesses –

  • distribution system
  • overhead costs
  • cash flow



Opportunities +

  • exploit market gaps,
  • streamline product line
  • capitalize a strong niche

Threats –

  • shrinking demographics
  • economy
  • social norms
  • government regulations

Once you have completed the SWOT analysis you can navigate your enterprise to a more profitable position. In some instances, owners and managers have ascertained areas that should be scaled back and niches that they could expand, and capture more market share.

There are several free and inexpensive programs on the internet available.

CNET offers downloads @ https://download.cnet.com/s/swot/.