Public Relations for Small Business

This blog post is from my lecture notes based on the textbook ADVERTISING 3e, by Arens & Weigold with a little help from Wikipedia.

Public Relations for Small Business

The role of public relations is to foster goodwill in the community and gaining public approval for your organization. The long-term goal of PR is to manage the reputation of the company.

Different PR tactics can be implemented by entrepreneurs to gain acceptance by the community they serve.

Press release, information issued to print and broadcast outlets.

Press kit, a package of publicity materials informing the press at staged events.

Website, containing information about the organization. Company blog to facilitate relationships with their consumers and other publics.

Publicity, the generation of news about a person, product, or service that appears in the media.

Community involvement, a local activity sponsoring or participating in an event.

Public speaking, giving speeches to local organizations, at events, meetings, and conferences. It is a very powerful way of presenting your operation and what you represent.

In future articles, we will discuss how to use these tactics, but in this post, free releases and the press kit will be covered.

The press release (or news release) is the most widely used PR tool, consisting of information issued to generate or shed light on a subject of interest. Topics may include the announcement of a product launch, new store opening, or community involvement by the firm.

A press kit (or media kit) is an excellent tool to announce the information for your press release. Traditionally the press kit was a folder that enabled the business person to present printed information, photos, contact information, and collateral information. Today, the press kit is digital using a flash drive, CD, DVD, and video.

There are many sites offering information on how to create a press kit, but I recommend you look at https://www.canva.com/media-kits/templates/.

Canva Media kit templates

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