Social Media Advertising vs Traditional Advertising

Social Media Advertising vs Traditional Advertising

Advertising media in America had its inception almost three hundred years ago when Benjamin Franklin published the Pennsylvania Gazette which included print advertising. In 1922 WEAF NY offered ten minutes broadcast radio time for $100.00. In the late 1940s television was the new addition. About a decade ago we saw the emergence of a new medium online marketing.

I’ve read many articles online extolling the superiority of social media marketing over traditional advertising. There are strengths and benefits to each form of advertising. The one major benefit to small business owners is the low cost and flexibility of social media. Choose a comprehensive strategy that works for you.
When creating ad copy there are certain elements that are basic to different forms of advertising media whether using print advertising, direct mail, email or an online landing page. The fundamentals remain the same.

1. Make the offer, give the prospect a reason to learn more about the product or service.
2. The headline explaining the key benefit or offer you are making.
3. Include an image, one or two striking pictures that illustrate the offer.
4. The body of the ad includes details about the offer, details about the store or product and any other information you want to highlight.
5. A call to action. Set a time limit, clear and concise instructions for what the readers should do.
6. Include contact information with the logo.

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